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I’m Vanessa and I’m a Business + Leadership Coach.  

I was born in Mexico to parents of Asian descent and moved to the US when I was young.  I consider myself a citizen of the world and am passionate about international travel, understanding different customs, and learning to effectively communicate with one another, despite our inevitable cultural barriers.  

Over the past 20+ years of working in the corporate environment, at top finance, consulting, and tech companies, and through coaching people and teams, I’ve learned about myself, and gathered a wide array of stories and strategies that have helped me reconcile my rich cultural upbringing with the perception of leadership in western corporations. 

I’ve learned to deeply understand the roots of my cultural values, how they might show up in the workplace, and what misconceptions they may fester with clients, peers, supervisors, and teammates.  

I’ve learned that recognizing these differences, navigating them, and applying certain communication strategies can have a HUGE impact on pursuing one’s vision and attaining a fulfilling career a fuller life.  

As head of strategy of a large corporation, I built a thriving team from 6 to over 300 professionals.  I had the privilege and the honor of reviewing thousands of career applicants and interviewing hundreds of candidates.  I’ve learned what it takes to get the attention of the right employers, having assessed the value and ‘culture add’ of hopeful candidates from the perspective of the employer.  

My mission is to first help driven professionals take the LEAP into owning their value while embracing their roots and play bigger in pursuit of the career and the life they’re meant to have.  

My long-term vision is to inspire companies to “walk the talk” by going one step further from recognizing and encouraging diversity, to expanding cultural learning and boosting cultural empathy among their leadership.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about offering corporate diversity training events, group coaching programs, and private one-on-one coaching sessions.  

I’d love to join you in your journey!  

Please reach out to me via this link if you’d like to inquire about working together, collaborating, media features, or speaking opportunities. 

Or apply for a FREE 50-minute LEAP coaching discovery session.

All the very best,

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